Compensate for low light when sharing webcam

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Compensate for low light when sharing webcam

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Compensate for low light when sharing webcam



My company uses GTM for our internal video conferencing and with clients, except where client prefers to use their own platform. As a result, we have recent experience with MS Teams and Zoom. 


One thing that we're noticed (while overall preferring GTM) is that the other two platforms handle low-light video much better. My home office is not dark but the video always looks dark, but only on GTM. My guess is that the other platforms are doing something automatically to correct low light situations and to optimize the video settings.


If GTM can't do that, at the very least, it would be great to have access to the brightness, contrast, etc video settings that we had in the old GTM desktop app (thanks for recently providing the ability to zoom video in the new GoTo app!!). That way, we could optimize our own video.