GoToMeeting support for Smart TVs / Chrome Cast

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GoToMeeting support for Smart TVs / Chrome Cast

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GoToMeeting support for Smart TVs / Chrome Cast

We are purchasing a flat screen for our conference room and seeking a TV with a built in camera for our gotomeeting events. LG TVs have a built in camera and understand there is a gotomeeting app that might be compatable with this TV.
Has anyone done this before?


GoTo Manager
Hi Sean,

Unfortunately we do not have an App for Smart TVs at this time, but it is something that is being discussed.
Sean Adler
New Member
Thanks Glenn,

For future considerations, do you think it would be a google app like your current one for mobile devices?

Jim Chadwick
New Member
Hey Glenn,

For what its worth our company would like to do the exact same thing. Run a smart TV that can give us GoToMeeting options.

Greg Shewan
New Member
I also have a need at my work with our smart TV
Has it got anymore interest ?
New Member
Yes please!
Scott Carpentie
New Member
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Chromecast Support.

Hi. Will you be adding Chromecast support to the android app now that the SDK is available?
New Member
We have a computer connected to our smart TV and it works perfect
New Member
I would be very interested in Chromecast functionality for GoToMeeting. I've used and enjoyed the chromecast extensively since I received the order for it I placed on it's launch day. It is easy to set up as a user and fairly straightforward to implement for developers:

It's easy to see why chromecast functionality in GoToMeeting would be useful, such as for meetings involving multiple people onsite viewing a meeting from someone offsite. Instead of each needing a computer, or having to crowd around a computer, it could be cast to a television screen where everyone can view it clearly.

Related to the previous use case, I've often been in a situation where I am running a GoToMeeting so people offsite can attend, but I have people with me that also need to view it. The solution to this point has been to use a VGA connector to a TV, which causes resolution distortions. If the meeting were cast to a TV from an Android or iOS device, then there'd be no need for a physical hookup to a television that makes it hard to see.

Please consider adding Chromecast functionality as soon as possible!
Sally Taylor
New Member
Hi Samiamnot - could you let me know how you set this up and how good the sound is? Assuming the TV needs to have a Mic in it to pick up what people around the TV are saying when participating in the meeting? but would be good to hear how you got on.
We have a Smart TV with a mini mac attached to it, so sounds like it's possible?
Kevin McKeever
New Member
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Using Smart TVs with GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting.

Is it possible to use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar on a smart tv?