Let Co-organizers edit a scheduled meeting

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Let Co-organizers edit a scheduled meeting

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Let Co-organizers edit a scheduled meeting

Tried to use the co-organizing feature to test if it is possible for the co-organizer to edit the meeting they are co-organizing.  It did not work unfortunately. May I suggest this as a future feature?

Imagine, I have scheduled a meeting with another company licensee present. I made this person co-organizer so they would be able to start the meeting as well. But all of the sudden, I get ill and am not able to join the meeting. Then the company that we have a meeting with wants to reschedule to a later time. With this, the other licensee will not be able to update this meeting without my presence, making the co-organizing skills very limited in my opinion. Hoping this clarifies what I mean exactly!

GoTo Moderator

@Maaike_S  I understand what you mean, though it is not currently possible to grant Co-Organizers full control over your own scheduled events.  Have you considered scheduling a recurring GoToMeeting instead of one with a set date and time?


New Member

I was merely interesting in sharing this feedback with you, there are other creative solutions possible.. but most of them are time consuming. For the recurrent GoToMeeting, in this particular situation, the co-organizer won't have access to the recurring meeting details unless this was set up prior to the illness. As well as, if you do a recurring meeting and make the co-organizer able to start it, they would have the ability to start this meeting anytime, even if you have another meeting planned at this time. That will result in not being able to start your own meeting, so I wouldn't use this as a solution.