Please alphabetize the attendee list

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Please alphabetize the attendee list

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Please alphabetize the attendee list

I've updated to the new UI, and the attendee list for a meeting is no longer organized alphabetically. It's totally random (maybe the order in which attendees joined the call?). This is a real pain point for me for many reasons. One of which - our company regularly has meetings with 25+ attendees, and we need to be able to scan the list easily to see who is on / not on the call. 

New Member

This used to be the case with earlier version. I dont understand why it is taken off and with 90+ attendees, it is difficult to scan for certain individuals. Why is this removed? Why are the names not in alphabetical order?

GoTo Manager

Thanks for your feedback.  We'll see about returning this functionality in future versions.

New Member

Thank you. It shouldnt have been removed in the first place. I wonder even if it was deliberately changed to present the order in a different way. 

New Contributor
This is a much needed feature. With other platforms you can sort as needed or they automatically sort alphabetically. If you don’t have this feature it is very difficult to manage a meeting. I may be left to send my clients to other platforms.
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Status changed to: Delivered

This is delivered in the GoTo App experience.