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Save Control Panel rearrange permanently

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Save Control Panel rearrange permanently

Undocking components of the Control Panel enables me to create a favourite layout on one screen, while sharing the other. Is it possible to save a favourite layout permanently, to avoid having to undock and rebuild that favourite layout for each session?

GoTo Manager

Hi Ian,
[Update]  You can now keep most control panels in the same place you left them, if utilizing GoToTraining from the same PC, and same software installation.


Ian McLean
Active Contributor
Hi Glenn,

I'm pleased to report that I did in fact find a solution to this, by good chance and fortune. Under the View drop down, there is an option to 'Save this Startup Layout'. I did so with my desired layout, then logged out and logged back in to test it, and it came up exactly as I had saved it.

Someone else clearly has had the same idea in the past, to my benefit!

Active Contributor

This feature is available but it does not save the exact layout. Even though I select to save layout, it still brings back "materials" when I sign back in. It also does not keep the webcam box in the same location. It goes back to the same position everytime just not where we want it. Thoughts on why this is? 

GoTo Moderator

@VitalLinks  Sorry for the inconsistency there.

Could you say if any of the control panel window panes are in the same place, or do they all reset back to the default format?

Active Contributor

Some panels remain in the same place after saving the lay out. The things that do not remain in the saved location are: The main Control Panel, Webcam panel and Materials Panel. I have attached images with descriptions.Step 1Step 1


Step 2Step 2


Step 3Step 3


Step 4Step 4


Step 5Step 5


Step 6Step 6


GoTo Moderator

Hi @VitalLinks ,

Thanks for the visual guide.  I have shared your work flow with our product teams to review for screen sharing and layout improvements in the future.