Add the webinar Materials to the followup emails

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Add the webinar Materials to the followup emails

Add the webinar Materials to the followup emails

Can we make possible that attendees receive access to the handouts in the followup email to participants and absentees?

Vicki Auditore
Active Contributor
Totally agree! 
New Member

Is there a way that the system could allow us to attach documents to the email that gets sent to all attendees and non-attendees who are viewing the recording? 


It's a hassle when I have people emailing me for the documents after each time they have viewed the webinar. 


Thank you!

Valued Contributor

Hey, @kdewald17,


That's a great idea, but unlikely that will be something that gets added to GoToWebinar.  I suggest you  upload the handouts to your website (or dropbox, google drive, or any other document sharing service) and add the links to your follow up email, which can easily be customized.


Good luck!


Webinar Chick

Fran, I love your suggestion. This has been a challenge for a long time. I agree.  Please allow us to provide handouts with recordings.  Right now, I upload them to Dropbox and provide a link.  



Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

I have a webpage on my company webserver where we list all of the webinars by date.  For each webinar there is a registration/recording link, as well as links to handouts, or webpage links related to that webinar.  Folks have to come to this page to find the registration/recording link, so they are in the right place for any handouts.