Building one MEGA-report

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Building one MEGA-report

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Building one MEGA-report

When generating reports, is it possible to combine all the individual report choices below into one MEGA-report Excel file?

  • Session Overview
  • Registration
  • Multi-Session Attendee
  • Attendee
  • Q&A Follow-Up
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Recording
  • Survey
GoTo Moderator

@AyehuGuy  I'm sorry we do not have currently a joint-report with all the data you listed.  At this time recording reports are separated speccifically due to the option to manually upload your own videos, as they are not always tied to a live broadcast.

New Member

@AshC  - Thank you for the prompt response.


This is a MAJOR gap in GoToWebinar's reporting functionality, and I believe it would be very easy to fix.  Please escalate this to your product management team as an urgent request.  I spent a lot of time today downloading each report manually, then reassembling it into a single spreadsheet following one of our webinars.  This is time I could've spent better doing other far more important things.