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Clickable Spotlight

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Clickable Spotlight

The spotlight is a great visual so attendees can see the location of the mouse pointer, however, the spotlight is not clickable. I would like to click on tabs and tools with the spotlight, can this be done?

Kristi Kavanaug1
Active Contributor
Hi Karen- I completely understand how that could be helpful.  It is not possible at this time but I have added to our internal list of items to consider for future upgrades.  Awesome suggestion! Right now you have to toggle the drawing tool from the cursor to the spotlight.
Frequent Contributor
I sympathize, as I rarely use the Spotlight currently because I'm not adept enough at switching back to regular mouse.

Meanwhile, you might want to make your regular mouse cursor/pointer larger before the webinar.

If Windows, it's under Personalization in the Control panel.  There are various schemas and you can choose a larger arrow head or another graphic like a pointing finger.

There are 3rd party tools to make cutesy mouse pointers, but this sticks with the standard Windows options.
New Member
Hi Kristi, do you have any update on this matter? Was this upgrade performed? If yes, would you be so kind to explain how one can use it? Thanks in advance for you answer.

Besides the spotlight, is there any way to create a mouse pointer clickable call out?
LogMeIn Contributor

Hi Tiago,
New features are considered during every new product design period.  Not all ideas make it into the next generations unfortunately, but we do open them up again for review during subsequent periods.

New Member

Same issue! Great idea!