GoToStage should allow paid registration

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GoToStage should allow paid registration

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GoToStage should allow paid registration

Apparently after over a month trying to figure out what was wrong, I’ve been told by support that a paid registration is only available for live or recorded events but that the recorded event cannot be on GoToStage even though when setting up a recorded webinar the option to use GoToStage exists. Unfortunately the registration process will fail once it tries to access payments. Unfortunately that means you can’t provide one link for attendees to browse your offerings, you have to provide them separate links for each recorded webinar.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Stanley,

It is true that you cannot charge for regular recordings or those housed in a Channel.  I'm sorry about the conflict there, when also using these recordings for simulated-live events, and will work with the team to get a better understanding of why that is.

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator