Hosting a GoToWebinar from a Chromebook

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Hosting a GoToWebinar from a Chromebook

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Hosting a GoToWebinar from a Chromebook

I need to do this. I can't do this. When will this be supported?

I noticed this question was asked back in 2016 as well. There were a few replies asking for updates that went unanswered. I thought, "Here we are in the middle of 2018, maybe it's just time to ask the question again." 🙂 I really like using my Chromebook. I really DON'T like blowing the dust off my MacBook. Please tell me how to run a GoToWebinar on a Chromebook. Even if it's something in beta...I'll be a beta tester.

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Sorry, John --  We don't currently have anything in testing to host GoTowebinars or GoTotrainings from Chromebooks yet.


We will certainly post a Community update if things change.

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When will this be available......

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Is there anything being discussed or worked on so that Chromebook users can host a Webinar?

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@krhinehart  I'm sorry, we don't have any updates yet on Chrome OS or other mobile support to host webinars with.  Attendees are allowed to join, as well as Panelists currently.  When this ability is increased for Organizers we will certainly let the Community know.

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I'm also very interested in this capability. I have recently started using a Pixelbook as a primary commputer and have been able to use GoToMeeting without issue. But was surpirsed 15 minutes before a webinar today to find out that it's not possible to run a GoToWebinar this way. Fingers crossed it will be something that can get going soon! 





Back again.... October 2020.... apparently we STILL cannot host GoToWebinars from Chromebook. This is insane. I mean, this year is insane but I was hoping for at least SOME good news when I landed on this forum! 😞

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