Improve Accessibility with Screen Readers

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Improve Accessibility with Screen Readers

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Improve Accessibility with Screen Readers

Quite a number of our association members are blind or visually impaired and use screen readers such as JAWS when they are using computers. The screen reader actually reads commands out loud so the user can make selections. They report difficulty in finding radio buttons to opt for the telephone number as an alternative, and they are not able to find the question box easily, raise their hand, etc.

Is Citrix working to correct this problem? If so, when might we expect a solution? We have some angry people.

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Our organization runs monthly webinars on go to webinar and not only have our listeners requested the integration of screen readers but so have our speakers.  We now have a speaker who uses JAWS and will be unable to provide his presentation unassisted.  I see this issue has been included here for a long time and I would hope that the development team will be able to rectify this quickly.


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My organization runs 15+ webinars a month. Screen readers are not compatible. This is a really big issue for accessibility. This affects attendees AND presenters.