Multiple post webinar email notification

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Multiple post webinar email notification

Multiple post webinar email notification

Until few months ago it was possible to send multiple post webinar follow up emails; this feature is not available anymore. Please bring this feature back so after the webinar i can send additional email that can, e.g., remind attendees to complete the survey. It also allows sending the attendee certificate again as attendees sometimes complain they did not receive the certificate although they did attend the webinar

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At the moment, it's only possible to send one follow-up email, either for attendees or for absentees.




However, it's possible to send up to three reminder emails:




I'd like to know if the feature to send an additional follow-up email is available or planned.

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@knowllence welcome to the community. At the moment, the ability to send more than one follow-up email isn't available. I found this similar request and moved your post to our idea board where customers can vote on features and improvements they would like to see in the future.