Option to leave panelists muted after being promoted to organizer.

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Option to leave panelists muted after being promoted to organizer.

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Option to leave panelists muted after being promoted to organizer.

Otherwise, the joining person's background noise automatically is broadcasted. It can be quite disruptive.


(edited 12/16/20 by GlennD)

Panelists join soft muted by default so I have edited the title of this idea to reflect a similar issue posted in the comments.

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Hi JC,

I take it you mean when the join late and the webinar has already started the broadcast? 
New Member
Yes exactly.
Mel McMurrin1
New Member
I second this request. You can only be so quick.  And automatically self muted would be better than automatically organizer muted.

Jaap van Blaade
New Member
I really would like to have this option as well. As JC points out, it can be very disruptive if someone enters the webinar as organizer with the mic open.

This is especially dangerous since it's very easy to make a mistake for a user with admin privileges. Even if they use the attendee link to join, they still might join the webinar as organizer (probably due to an open session).
Active Contributor

Can this be added as an option when creating meetings or moving someone from an Attendee to an Organizer?

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

During a webinar if I promote an attendee to Panelist or Organizer, their mic automatically turns on.  I would prefer it did not.  Here is the example that happens often.


I have a coworker in the room with me to whom I ask to help monitor the questions on her laptop.  When I promote her to Organizer, her microphone turns on, which I have to quickly mute, or we get a horrendous echo due to multiple microphones in the same room.  This does not make us look professional.  I do not have time to stare at my screen waiting for her mic to activate so I can quickly mute it.  (Maybe you could create a video game called "Mute the Panelist" and see how fast we can click.)


I rarely assign panelists before the webinar begins, so most of the time I am promoting an attendee.

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Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator