Order the hand raise icon/emoticon in GoTo Training and Webinar

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Order the hand raise icon/emoticon in GoTo Training and Webinar

Order the hand raise icon/emoticon in GoTo Training and Webinar

The hand raise icon/emoticon in GoTo Training and Webinar
should be an ordered response so the facilitator can tell who raised their hand first, second, etc. This gives the facilitator the ability to incorporate some competition-based Q&A. The facilitator can also tie in rewards/incentives into their activities to further foster excitement and participation among the participants and change up the pace from time to time. At the very least, this option will enable facilitators to know the order in which to respond to questions.

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Great feedback Brock. I like the idea of letting trainers know who raised their hands first and order them. We will look into it but can't promise the timeline. 

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When someone raises their hand does their name move to the top of the attendee list? How do I know who raised their hand first so that I take questions in the order that they are coming in?

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I have exactly the same need. For running a formal business meeting with Roberts Rules of Order I need to grant people the floor in the order in which they requested it. Is there a way to see the order in which people raised their hands?

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I'm afraid there's no way to show who raised their hands first, though you can view the attendee's questions in order as they came in. 

Pierre-Alain CE
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Same need!
In the meantime, we are using a workaround.
Attendees are asked to type "RH" in the Questions panel when they want to Raise Hand and get the floor.

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Status changed to: Delivered

This is currently available in the new app 

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The status to this was changed to 'delivered' on Apr 12, 2024. Are there specifics somewhere outlining what exactly is now available in GoToWebinar for seeing the order of raised hands or the ability to sort attendee list by raised hands? What exactly is the feature available in the new app for organizers to easily see attendees who have raised their hands?

GoTo Manager

Hi @linde_slgfd,


Raised hands are displayed in the order they received, listed from top (first) to bottom (last) . The screenshot below is from a GoTo Webinar session in the new GoTo App, Bob was the first to raise his hand and I was second.