Record presenter webcams and presentation separately

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Record presenter webcams and presentation separately

Record presenter webcams and presentation separately

Could you all develop a way for presenter webcam video feeds to be recorded separately from the shared presentation?


We recently had a webinar we would love to clip and use on social media. But we only want to show the presenters in those video clips, not the presentation that was being shared on the screen. We would like to have the following video replays to pull from:

  1. Webcam feed of the presenter(s). Separate feed for each presenter
  2. Video replay as it is now (presenters and presentation)
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@BrandChamps thanks for stopping by the Community and sharing your idea.


Can you let me know a bit more about the use case so I can share it with the team? Why do you want to share just the presenter and not the presentation? It helps to know a bit more context. Thanks. 

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Hi Kate - thank you for the quick follow up.


The use case: We'd use the video clips of the speakers without the presentation in social video clips. It’s a lot more impactful and interesting to see the speaker talking in a social post, rather than the speaker with slides. 

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@BrandChamps I appreciate the additional information, thank you!