Recorded webinar live Q&A?

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Recorded webinar live Q&A?

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Recorded webinar live Q&A?

Is that possible to host the recorded webinar but do the live Q&A at the same time?

Just want to make the attendees feel like it's a live webinar, and we can answer the questions in real-time.

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Atendees can submit a question (a message will appear that within 24 hours you will get the answer) and the org. will receive it in a csv format, so He can only reply by email. So it is not a live Q&A.

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

You could host a regular webinar and just play a video.  That way you have live discussion via text in the Question box during the webinar, and can even have a live (with microphones) Q&A before and after the video.