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New Contributor

Cannot access hub at port 8000

Dear all, I have been a long time  Hamachi client myself but I also started a Hamachi subscription for a client of mine . I have setup up a hub-spoke network in order to access a certain Hotel CRM at server (Windows 2019 Essentials).


The CRM software work on ports 8000, 8432, 8686. All ports are configures properly in firewall. When in LAN, all ports work and are accessible, the laptop with the software client installed can access the CRM. When using Hamachi, unfortunately it does not work.


Troubleshooting it I found out the port 8000 is not accessible via Hamachi ( telnet 8000 doesn't respond) but the other two ports are indeed accessible (telnet 8432 & 8686 indeed respond) Disabling the firewall doesn't help either. Unisntalling, removing the server from Hamachi network and re-installing in order to get new, still the same problem.


Any ideas please? I have been struggling with it almost a week.

Thank you so much in advance