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New Contributor

Increasing the limit of clients in an account

I am currently setting up a Hub and Spoke network that would eventually need more than 256 clients.

1 server and X number of clients connecting to the server
Since only 256 clients per account are permitted, is there a special license that is needed to do more than 256 clients.

Or is there a way for multiple accounts to be active on the same server using multiple instances of the hamachi client, that way all the clients will still see that one server

It would be best if there was only 1 account for all of the managed connections.

GoTo Moderator

Re: Increasing the limit of clients in an account

Hi Joshua,

We can certainly set up an account for you with more than 256 clients and a single administrator.  Please contact Sales directly by either calling 1-866-478-1805 or creating a case here:

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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