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Relayed Connection to some users now but it has no problems before.

Hi. I called my ISP's hotline and they told me that it's in Hamachi's end why my friend , Herp's PC has "Relayed Connection". So my explanation about my problem is under this photo:

Attached above is a screenshot from Hamachi which we take advantage to play the game "Minecraft" together with my friends since PORTFORWARDING isn't allowed in a DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS
July 8, at around 11:30pm, me and my friends were playing Minecraft. (All of us were playing for a month without problems), internet service from my ISP cut out for a minute for me and my friend (Herp's PC) who share the same ISP as I do. As soon as the internet connection came back, Herp's PC isn't able to connect to the server anymore (It says relayed connection, Blue light as seen on the screenshot.) but my friends (Dan's Laptop, cler and Syds-Macbook Pro 2) who are from different ISP's can connect to Hamachi's server indicating Green light (cler and Syds is grayed out as I only took this screenshot now with Dan's Laptop and Herp's PC who are currently online.) 
To prove my theory that the problems are within our ISP, I reached out to my friend who also have the same ISP, (Mikko-Consad). She occasionally joins the server (Like I said, no problems whoever wants to join the server) and her PC also gives off Green light before. But when I made her open Hamachi, it now has Blue light and now isn't able to connect too. 
I raised this to my ISP's support team and they told me that the problem might be on Hamachi's end but I don't believe it because I think they changed something in their system during the time when the connection went off. So I searched for the relayed connection problem in hamachi and it says there that I should set a port for Hamachi and port forward it but like I said, my ISP's providing us Dynamic I.P. addresses. I told them that if I can't port forward in my end, at least, they could do it. They asked about my public I.P. address and provided it to them and now they're saying they can't do it because my I.P is blacklisted? My ISP's a trash when it comes to customer service. They even wouldn't let us talk to their NETWORK TEAM who's been doing all the backend job. 
So now, I'm asking maybe what could I tell them something specific so that this problem would be fixed since Hamachi is very active to their users. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Relayed Connection to some users now but it has no problems before.

I have the same problem