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New Contributor

Improve Security Score of Shared Folders

Hi, we have many shared folders in our companies Lastpass Enterprise account, with many website credentials in them that our colleagues use.
Some of the shared folders have a low security score.

I would like to systematically increase the security scores of the shared folders (by improving the passwords), but I can't find a way to get information on which sites inside the folders are the culprits for the low score.
The personal Security Challenge offers Detailed Stats of the different reasons and sites that account for the low score, e.g. "Duplicate/Compromised/Weak/Old/Blank".
Is there a way to get the same detailed stats for the shared folders, so I can identify which sites need to have stronger passwords?

With regards, Arjen
New Contributor

Re: Improve Security Score of Shared Folders

How about gathering logins of all shared folders in one general vault?