Admins of shared folders cannot create items

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Admins of shared folders cannot create items

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Admins of shared folders cannot create items

When i create a shared folder and give my technicians permissions they cant create new itens inside that folder.


It makes no sense since if I gave someone admin permission is because he has rights to create, change, delete any entries. I have like 100 customers and bought this tool so I can manage their infrastructure passwords.

How can we manage something like this that cant be changed even if you have them permission?

Imagine my team that has 5 technicians:

  • if one creates a shared folder and a password for a customer, how the other technicians can support this customer since they cant make any changes?
  • They will always have to ask the technician who created it to make any changes?
  • What if that technicians leave my company, will someone have to create a new folder so they can manage it again?
  • I thought about creating an account just to make shared folders, but I will have to pay for that and it will be a security breach since all my technicians are going to have to share this account, if someone messes up I cant tell who it was.
  • Aint the point of lastpass to be a centralized passwords management tool?

Make admin permissions full to create, delete, change and do whatever they want in a shared folder