Authenticator + NFC?

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Authenticator + NFC?

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Authenticator + NFC?

Is anyone else annoyed at constantly having to get out your cell phone, unlock it and then find the Authenticator app open that and then enter the numbers BY HAND into the form field on the computer you are suing.

What are we barbarians!?!?


I started using lastpass because I am lazy and now tithe proliferation of MFA I feel like I am back in the stone age, hunting and gathering.  It's too much work!

Can something be done with NFC or bluetooth so that your computer can grab the Authtenicator code off your device while it is still lin your pocket?  


I am a paying customer and I demand more ... or rather less  -- work-ishness (?) I want more fun and less time digging around in my pockets (for my cell phone).


Forgive my English, I learned it from books I found behind adult toystore.

Peace be upon you all. 

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who deleted my comments?  that's not very nice.