Emergency access in case of accident / death, when is inactivity in my vault for time period

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Emergency access in case of accident / death, when is inactivity in my vault for time period

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Emergency access in case of accident / death, when is inactivity in my vault for time period

I using LastPass several years, since 2015, but i missing for me important function similar to Emergency access.

Emergency Access is intended for a one-time use of sharing all of the stored data in your vault with another active LastPass user.


I understand how work, but i miss this function:

Another type of emergency access, which will work like this:
My idea is, If i don't login to LastPass for time period (month, year ...) My logins or emergency login will be send to defined contacts according timeline.


Example 1:
I have all my and and family passwords and other access secured in LastPass, my wife don't need it, because of me. If i live, i don't want grant my wife access to LastPass. I have my own secret in vault.

If i will have accident and die, my wife needs my logins, but she cannot access to LastPass.

There will start "rule":
IF my LastPass vault will not be connected by phone application or nobody log or use website LastPass for time period (user defined, 1,2 6 month ... year) THEN send emergency my login/access to defined contact, in this case my wife.


Example 2:
Me and my wife had accident, after time period (user defined, 1,2 6 month ... year) LastPass send emergency access to my wife, but she is also died. Here start second rule: after time period (user defined, 1,2 6 month ... year) send emergency access to our children.


Emergency access to my wife: after 1 month
Emergency access to my children: after 3 month (because nobody used my vault)

If my LastPass vault hase been inactive more than 1 month and 3 month.


I think, that this function will be useful. I don't want share my logins for Google, Facebook, bank, and other services, but if i die, my family need this and in this case i cant use actual emergency access.


This access should not require a any user account on LastPass, and my login can be sended to any email.

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Nobody need this function???

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Hey there! It's always important to plan ahead, especially when it comes to sensitive matters like emergency access and estate planning. In case of accidents or unfortunate circumstances, having a system in place for accessing your vault after a period of inactivity is a wise idea. I also recently came across some beautiful flat headstones at Mattos Monuments. They offer a wide range of options for personalized gravestones and memorials. It's great to see such attention to detail and craftsmanship in creating lasting tributes. Take care and stay prepared!

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The concept of setting a time-based trigger for vault access is particularly insightful. It ensures that your digital assets remain secure while you're active, but become accessible to trusted individuals if you're unable to manage them due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Your suggestion for a time-based emergency access in LastPass is a thoughtful and necessary feature. It addresses a real need for managing digital legacies and access in unfortunate scenarios. The idea of having layered access for different family members based on inactivity periods is especially insightful. It ensures security while also providing for unforeseen circumstances.For more insights into managing digital legacies and eco-conscious farewell options, you might find the resources at Green Farewells helpful. They offer innovative approaches to digital memorials, aligning with your vision for a secure and accessible digital legacy.