Enterprise - shared folders with sub-accounts

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Enterprise - shared folders with sub-accounts

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Enterprise - shared folders with sub-accounts

As an MSP, I want to be able to create a shared folder on the MSP level and give my client (user or group) administrator access to that folder so that any of us can add/change/delete information. Reason: those passwords are ultimately my client's property and they should be able to share and unshare them with us.


The current options to accomplish this are:
1.Two shares are created - one on the MSP level and the client has read rights.  The second on the client level and the MSP has read rights. This will be confusing to most clients to use as well as cumbersome and time consuming when passwords and information needs to be updated and the password is in the other shared folder.

2.Creating an account for the MSP on the client's level. Although this is secure and would work,  we are charged for the account. What LogMeIn should do is provide one free account per client for sharing passwords.


Other issues with shared folders:
1.You cannot share the same password with multiple shared folders.

2.You cannot drag and drop passwords from a shared folder into another shared or private folder. You have to copy and paste and then delete.

3.Shared folder changes are not seen until the user logs out and back in. (Have this issue in Chrome, haven't tested other browsers).