Group reused passwords by passwords

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Group reused passwords by passwords

Group reused passwords by passwords

Please group the entries with reused passwords by the password itself in the PC browser extension, just like what the Security Challenge in the mobile app does. That way I can easily see which sites are reusing the same password that I can ignore or I should change straightaway.


I agree absolutely.

I have numerous sites reported for reused passwords, that used a randomly generated password but are reported for a reused password. My best guess is the site has more than one place where I can enter the password and both got recorded with the PW. If the list could be sorted by PW i can determine best course of action.

Active Contributor

The only way that I was able to see which sites used the same password was to download a CSV file and sort it.  It would be much better if it were possible to click on an option which would display all of the sites using the same password.