Kadaza-like Interface for LastPass

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Kadaza-like Interface for LastPass

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Kadaza-like Interface for LastPass

I just saw an ad on Facebook for Kadaza - it's a "start page"  for users.


Of course, I don't think I'd trust or recommend it - ads, likely recording and using/selling all my behavior - I'll pass on that!


BUT the first alternative that came to mind was LastPass. What a NATURAL thing for LastPass to do, and it's already most of the way there with its current "All Items" home page. I suspect that with a little investment of time, I could arrange everything so that it would display a lot like Kadaza - but it would be SECURE and free of data harvesting and ads!


When I have a little more time, I think I'm going to explore what LastPass can do to become my start page - I generally have two-dozen or more browser pages open to "remind" me of things I wanted to read or work on, and I just get lost in it all! It would be REALLY NICE to place all those things in an organized start page where it's all visible and easily dragged around like a digital planner.


If anyone else thinks this would be a good idea, feel free to chime in and contribute your ideas.


Thank you,