Last Pass does not work with EFTPS.Gov

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Last Pass does not work with EFTPS.Gov

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Last Pass does not work with EFTPS.Gov

EFTPS.GOV is the IRS website.


It requires 3 identifiers.  A Social Security or other taxpayer ID, a PIN that they assign with a letter they postal mail to you, and a password you create.   Last Pass only has a user name and password, EFTPS requires 3 entries. 


EFTPS also on occasion asks for the enrollment number that was on the letter that the PIN came with. 


So I think lastpass should have a special format to hold all that info.  EFTPS is a very important website for Americans so LastPass should support it even if it is non standard. 


Or perhaps LastPass could help the IRS to use a more modern authentication system.  

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I am having the same problem today, 3/25/23. 

Guess Lastpass couldn't get around to fixing it.