Option to clear the "Recently Used" menu

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Option to clear the "Recently Used" menu

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Option to clear the "Recently Used" menu

Out of the gate: I am a paying customer of LastPass. My request: I need the ability to clear the "Recently Used" menu item in the LastPass extension across all browsers including Chrome, Edge, and Safari. 


I am fully aware of how to reduce or increase the number of recently used items, and I am aware of how to remove the menu completely. These are not the options I am looking for.


The requested functionality of clearing the Recently Used menu (among other reasons) is explicitly due to it being a security risk. One example that directly relates to my circumstances is the following:

* I work on an internet based portal product for various clients through my parent company.

* I use LastPass as my sole resource for client login credentials.

* I will login to a portal for Customer A using LastPass; it now becomes a recently used menu item.

* I will later be on a video conference with Customer B and need to login to their portal using LastPass and their recently used login credentials.

* Customer B will see the name of Customer A's recently used item in the LastPass Recently Used menu.

* Customer B happens to be a competitor in some respect to Customer A.

* Now Customer B sees that I also work with Customer A and I lose the contract.


NOTE: It is also not optimal for me to use the "Search LastPass Vault" option as this is an auto-completer field; it can as well potentially expose other credentials that I do not want people on a video conference to see.


Based upon my above example alone, it is an extremely high priority for me (and I would imagine many of your other customers) for this feature to be considered, greenlit, and rolled out ASAP.