Trusted Devices last login

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Trusted Devices last login

Trusted Devices last login

Would it be possible to add a Last Login field to the Trusted Devices list.  This will help audit and manage Trusted Devices more easily.


Using latest OSX app version 4.106.0

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Was just about to submit this same exact request.  My notes:

Sometimes Trusted Devices have identical/similar label names, each enabled. (eg "Edge Mac OS") I believe the reason must be that either 1) trust was refreshed for same devices periodically or 2) device applications were reinstalled (eg browser updated).


It would be helpful if the Trusted Devices interface displayed the "Last Login" datetime, as the Mobile Devices tab does. This would make it easier to differentiate which are the current devices, and user can disable the similarly labeled others.


Use case:

1) Account Settings - Trusted Devices

3) Multiple enabled Devices displayed similar/identical labels

4) User easily identifies which are current via "Last Login" (sortable?)

5) User disables or removes old Devices