URL Rules - Wildcard Subdomains

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URL Rules - Wildcard Subdomains

URL Rules - Wildcard Subdomains

Consider the situation where you work in an organization who hosts many applications under a domain: contoso.com.  Each application is hosted in its own subdomain such as timecard.contoso.com or test.timecard.contoso.com.  These applications may have different credentials, such that you could have 100's of entries in LastPass within the domain contoso.com.


With URL Rules, you can add entries for each individual application's subdomain.  In the case of contoso.com, this could mean dozens of rules, which is difficult to manage.  So I propose this feature:


As a LastPass user,

I would like to configure LastPass to strictly match all subdomains within a particular parent domain,

So that I can more quickly find the credentials I need without creating URL rules for each subdomain.




Example current behavior:

  1. I have 100 credentials for apps under contoso.com.
  2. I visit timecard.contoso.com
  3. LastPass suggests 100 credentials for this application, so I have to manually search for the right one.
  4. Alternatively, I create a URL Rule for timecard.contoso.com
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for unbounded number of applications (perhaps dozens)

Desired behavior:

  1. I have 100 credentials for apps under contoso.com
  2. I visit timecard.contoso.com
  3. LastPass first searches for timecard.contoso.com credentials.
    1. If found, it only suggests those credentials.
    2. If not found, it searches one level higher in the domain name (contoso.com) and suggests credentials from that domain.
  4. This behavior can be enabled or disabled by me on a per-domain basis.


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For that matter, being able to "wildcard" paths after the domain would be useful as well.

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This feature would be great!

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Please upvote the original one, don't think comments make too much of a difference. 🙂