show password strength "meter"

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show password strength "meter"

show password strength "meter"

Hi, I think it would be a good idea that in "Generate Secure Password", that it would show the strength of the generated password (preferably a meter from a third-party) so people can see the seriousness (or lack of) of short passwords.

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There's already a password strength meter in the password generator underneath the output.  Are you looking for something different? 


Screenshot 2020-10-27 222952.jpg

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huh, I see...

that has already been green for me, so I thought it's just a decorative border.  😂

I was looking more of "time to crack your password:  5 months"...I think this drives to the point more...

Seriously though, going from seven to eight (all options checked) characters go from one to four bars...isn't that a bit dramatic and makes the bar length/color meaningless?

just my 0.02