ChromeOS Support is Here - Remote View of Device and Remote Control of Android Apps!

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ChromeOS Support is Here - Remote View of Device and Remote Control of Android Apps!

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The Rescue team is excited to announce another newly supported platform in 2023! Hot on the heels of Linux, we are now adding basic support for the ChromeOS operating system to remotely view the desktop, and remote control Android applications on a ChromeOS device.  




Which operating system is supported? 

Chrome OS, recent versions. 


Which type of devices are supported? 

Recent Chromebooks. The support for Intel and ARM Chromebooks has been verified.


What should the End-user do? 

  1. From their Chromebooks, the end-user should navigate to Google Play to download or update to the latest version of the Rescue+Mobile for Android app.  
  2. Once the mobile app is installed, the end-user will simply enter the PIN code. 
    • Alternatively, if they browse to or, they will be redirected to  Google Play. 

Which Features are Available? 

  • Desktop View of entire Chromebook
  • Remote Control of Android apps only
  • File Manager for Android apps file system only
  • System Info for Android apps sandbox only
  • Click2Fix Applications, works for Android only
  • Click2Fix QuickNav functionalities work for Android sandbox only. In addition to that:
    • In QuickNav, Wi-Fi settings can open ChromeOS WiFi settings
  • Click2Fix Direct URL, the URL is opened in ChromeOS browser

Which features are not supported currently? 

  • Click2Fix Mobile Network
  • Click2Fix Connections
  • Click2Fix Email
  • Click2Fix Applications, Uninstalling Android apps not possible
  • Device configuration tab
  • Shift key not supported in the Rescue Android applet for ChromeOS

More documentation can be reviewed HERE

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