Application Updates Scheduling

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Application Updates Scheduling

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Application Updates Scheduling

Hi all, 

Is there a way to schedule Application Updates like you are able to do with Windows Updates?

Currently, if we configure the settings for "Automatic Updates" the Central will scan for applications updates everyday between 12am and 6am.

Scheduling when this scan is executed will minimize the issues that could arise when running updates.

Thank you!



New Member

This is a very basic request for a needed feature.  We have a Central subscription with the security module.  The application and windows updates seem to work very well.  I would like to schedule the updates to occur on a given night and time.  Currently the only options are disabled, automatic install (apparently without schedule options), or manual.

We need a way to schedule a batch of updates to occur at a given date and time.

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@itmac Welcome to the Community. I've moved your comment to a similar idea. This will be shared with the team. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.