Communicate with Technician

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Communicate with Technician

Communicate with Technician

The ability when using the web client to send a message to the person already logged in, in the case that you need to take control and aren't able to contact them by any other means.

GoTo Contributor

Hey @B787register ,


  1. Do you want to get in contact with another technician who is already conducting a remote session on a given host machine
  2. Do you want to get in contact with the local user of a given host machine to let them know that you want to initiate a remote control session via Central?
Active Contributor

I believe that @B787register is referring to 1, correct?

Active Contributor

I would welcome this feature, many of my clients have users who are LogMeIn remote home workers in their own right.

The ability for me to signal them to request I take remote control of their machine when they are still logged in and sent a ticket to me for remote help would be helpful so that they dont just get disconnected without warning.