Correctly mark driver updates as optional

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Correctly mark driver updates as optional

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Correctly mark driver updates as optional

Currently, on a few older installations and all of my new LogMeIn installations, driver updates that are listed as optional on the local Windows 10/11 computers are showing up as important in LMI Central.  This makes them appear on the Dashboard and Updates pages even when there aren't any important outstanding updates.  That makes it difficult to track the updates that really do need to be installed.


I'm including a screenshot of the Windows Update page on the computer showing the updates as optional and of the LMI Central page showing the updates as important.


Windows Update Screen.png


LMI Central Updates Screen.png


In older versions of LogMeIn, there was an option to only selected important updates and not recommended ones which caused the drivers to be listed as optional.  Therefore all my computers that were set up with LogMeIn before 2022 are still reporting correctly.


Could you please bring back that option or else fix LogMeIn Central to not list driver updates as important when Windows lists them as optional?


Thank you!

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This would be very useful for remote management of Windows workstations and servers.


In fact, it would be a perfect replacement for WSUS.


I hope it can be implemented soon.