LogMeIn Central and DDNS

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LogMeIn Central and DDNS

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LogMeIn Central and DDNS

It would be a really great feature if LogMeIn Central could provide a DDNS label next to the IP address when viewing the properties of the LogMeIn end user. See sample screenshot below. LogMeIn is in a great position to provide this feature as LogMeIn always knows the client computer’s public IP address.


Currently my end users do not know how to set up DDNS on their home/business routers and if LogMeIn could provide this service, I could use this feature in the corporate firewalls and cloud service that we maintain. We could use this feature to automatically restrict access to services to the actual end user’s public IP address. Currently we do this manually and whenever the client’s IP address changes, we have two problems: 1) the client looses access to the restricted services 2) we have to edit the corporate firewall to change the clients IP address. If LogMeIn provided a DDNS host name along with the IP address, we could automate this change and the client would always be able to access the restricted services.


There are other reasons for doing this too. For example, we could add the clients DDNS entries to our up time monitor’s and could then be alerted to client issues as they happen so we can take proactive actions to address outages and such.


I look forward to the day that this feature is added to my LogMeIn Central dashboard!Capture.PNG

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Thanks for the feedback!


We also started a 'Central Office Hours' meeting that you can join to discuss potential development avenues with the team:  https://community.logmein.com/t5/Central-Discussions/Announcing-Central-Office-Hours-with-our-Custom... 


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Thank you so much reaching out about this. I can certainly understand how the lack of this feature might be frustrating for you, especially given the scenario you described.

That being said, we are not planning on building this into our feature set at this point in time since it does not fit into our current product roadmap. 

Thanks again for contacting us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any other ideas.