Method to clear all alerts from all PCs

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Method to clear all alerts from all PCs

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Method to clear all alerts from all PCs

Could a button be created that clears all alerts from all PCs in the system?

The reason being that when updates are released, memory is used up, CPU runs high, clients dont reboot etc the huge backlog that appears over a fortnight holiday can be overwhelming to sort through and clearing several thousand updates takes ages from having to acknowledge screen after screen of things and then delete the acknowledged ones is really time consuming and not productive.

Having a special routine to clear all alerts so that a fresh start can be taken to begin proactively monitoring and clearing issues would be really useful.

It would need to be protected by some sort of secondary safety check to avoid being clicked and all alerts being removed by mistake (eg. a CAPTCHA test).

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Did you mean clear all alerts or Acknowledge all alerts, because clearing (wiping) them could cause problems later on, for example if there is a real problem going on and you lose all the valuable data by wiping these alerts out. 


Wouldn't it be an option to turn off the alerts during an update is rolled out and then afterwards turning it back on?

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