Report for computers last online

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Report for computers last online

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Report for computers last online

I find the Computers view has a lot of information I use to communicate with my remote users.  I have to  get large groups of them online and use the computer view to see who was online when so I can prod them.  I would like to be able to export that list so I can share it inline in an email so folks know their status.

The report would include the same information available on the computer view tab when I log in as the top level manager.

Health |status |Computer |updates |antivirus |last online

Even just being able to export the data on the computers tab would be great.  This page doesn't print and is difficult to copy paste as the paste doesn't keep the rows.




GoTo Manager

Hi @WCGOP-NOAA , thank you for the Idea. If it helps, for the time being, you can run a Licenses Computer Subscription Status report to see when they were last online.

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Thanks GlennD!  That did indeed give me exactly what I need, I can export that to xl file and copy paste into email cleanly!