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Support for Modern Standby

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Support for Modern Standby

LogMeIn (LMI) apparently currently does not support wake on LAN (WoL) functionality for any computer which uses "Modern Standby".  Here's a link to Microsoft's website for some background info.


According to this document from Dell (link), Dell will no longer support disabling Modern Standby.  So that appears to indicate that LMI will no longer support any Dell computer going forward.  Realistically, at some point this could affect all computers assuming that other computer manufacturers/OEMs follow Microsoft's push to Modern Standby.


At least in my case, my affected computers will  still successfully wake when they receive the WoL packet from any other tool.  So although complete and full LMI support for Modern Standby might take some time to develop, it seems like a workaround could be implemented by LogMeIn developers in the meantime.  Since these computers do successfully respond to WoL packets, it seems like it should just be a matter of making the LMI servers believe it so that they can send the commands which generate the WoL packet.


I can provide more details, talk to developers (or whoever), maybe even help beta test if desirable.  But please add support.

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Hi Glenn,


Any update on whether support for WOL on systems that use Modern Standby made it into this years development cycle? 


We're a Dell shop.   As we replace our systems with newer hardware, we have an increasing number for which WOL via LMI is non-functional.  


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I was meaning to follow up on this as well - for the exact same reason as 2ARM5.  It will get worse in the coming months as we work to replace desktop/workstation computers which won't officially be supported by Windows 11 (in preparation for EOS of Windows 10).


Somewhat anecdotally, we also did get a new HP laptop for which WoL through LMI isn't working either, and that also appears to be because of Modern Standby.  I'm not too upset about that one, because it's a laptop.  But I just figured I should share that the incompatibility is not necessarily limited to Dell.





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Hi @2ARM5@etb - We currently don't have a timeline to share but have shared that the Community is interested in an update. We will update the community when we hear more.  

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Work on this was paused due to some other required work having a higher priority, but we do plan to pick it back up again and once a solid ETA is available we will post an update as Kate mentioned.