View client names when using update module

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View client names when using update module

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View client names when using update module

when selecting devices inside 'Updates' > 'Applications', be able to see the device names which the updates are going to apply to, same goes for the 'Updates' > 'Windows' area.  The history tab should also show what software has failed to update.  For example; i've selected multiple devices inside   'Updates' > 'Applications' and clicked 'Apply Updates' - see image below, it doesn't show which devices are getting what update:




History tab does not show what software updates have failed to apply:




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Status changed to: Accepted

Hey @itteamtsn ,

Adding the selected computers in the Apply updates view is feasible. App update history is planned to be improved this year too.

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Hi, that's good news as it would really speed certain tasks up.

For example we have over 400 machines, and we've noticed FileZilla always fails to update so have to do it manually, however to find out which computers need FileZilla updating we have to click on every individual machine and click apply updates!


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You are welcome @itteamtsn! We will work on both of your suggestions. Update history is something we planned to improve anyway in H2 of 2022.

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Hey @itteamtsn ,


List of selected computers before applying updates are now live.