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Changing User Profiles and switching accounts

So I have done some researching on switching computers from one account to another and found that you must delete the computer from the account, restart LogMeIn on the host and then sign in to the account to change the account; furthermore, I think that LogMeIn should done something to make this process much easier. However, when signing into the account the option to change user profile is grayed out and when logging into LogMeIn Central it shows it has been place the computer in the old account instead of the new account. 







Anyone have advice on this? I want the deleted computers to be added to the new user profile.


As always thanks in advance

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Re: Changing User Profiles and switching accounts

Also when trying to select the buttons to install on computers remotely or install on this computer it refreshes the page and nothing happens/changes. 


Screenshot below:


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Re: Changing User Profiles and switching accounts

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Thank you for the post.


As for the first part, this method may be a bit faster...




As far as the user profiles part being greyed out. You'd have to be the Master Account Holder or at least have the "deploy LogMeIn installations" permission in Central.



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Re: Changing User Profiles and switching accounts

So, what does

  1. Open the LogMeIn Control Panel

as per the first URL given above mean exactly if you are on a Macintosh? When I fire up the Join.Me executable, I seem to be automatically logged in for a personal account I set up or at least started to set up but I'm trying to use another account for which I have credential and the "Login..." (and "Sign up...") menu items are disabled (greyed out). There doesn't seem to be any preferences menu item or System Presences entry for Join.Me... Poking around, there doesn't seem to be anythin appropriate available...





(second URL given above seem to go to a page that is no longer there)