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First time user: Failure to connect remotely

Trying to connect to remote use via Internet.


My computer has LogMeIn Free. So does the other computer.


The computer account has invited me to access his computer. I've accepted.


In LogMeIn Central *Manage Users* it says I have access to the other computer. But the other computer is not listed in my welcome screen. No accounts are.


When I try to send an invite to let me access the other computer, Central tells me I already have access to the computer.


When I launch LogMeIn Free, it says No Remote Users Are Connected. But I don't see how to connect to them.


What am I missing?

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Re: First time user: Failure to connect remotely

I may be off base, but I believe for Central Users oyu may need to look up at the top right-hand corner of your screen when logged in.

You will see "PROFILE" with a drop down box...which shows your account and then the account holder of the person sending you the invite. Change to that account and you should then see the computer you are given access too.


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Re: First time user: Failure to connect remotely

I believe Warsawtech may be right. When you log into LogMeIn.com, check what profile you are on and switch profiles by using the drop-down bar on the upper right hand part of the window when you log in (right below your email, billing and account information).


If no such profile dropdown box is listed, make sure the person who invited you sent it to the right email.

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