Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

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Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Not so much a question as a feature request.  (I thought we had a category for that.)

Please add the ability for an organizer to allow a specific
panelist (or all panelists) to view ALL questions.

Currently, must promote them to Organizer, which gives them the power to END the meeting.  I always warn them
when it's necessary to do this. I point out Exit Webinar vs End
Webinar should they need to withdraw from the session.  It has still happened by accident. 

It also gives them too many other powers, like ability to dismiss people.  Mostly it works out okay, until the curious "organizer" starts clicking on options!

New Member
I am having the same problem. My panelists can't see the questions that attendees are asking. Only I can see them. What I am doing wrong here?

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Can't see attendees questions. topic.
LogMeIn Manager
Only organizers can see all questions and answers, set question priority and assign questions. Panelists can only see questions that are assigned to them by organizers. Both organizers and panelists can answer privately to an attendee or to the entire audience.

The quickest solution is to make one of your Panelists a Co-Organizer and have them manage the Questions for you. To do this simply right click on the Panelists name in your Control Panel and select Make Organizer.
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How can I make my Panelists co-organizers? Help!
LogMeIn Manager
Right click the Panellists name in your Control Panel, under Staff.
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during the live webinar? hmm let me try that
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Not sure if anyone else uses this strategy, but during our webinars, I (the organizer) appoint one panelist (the "filter guy") to delegate questions to the rest of the panel. I assign all questions to that the "filter guy", who then reads the questions aloud during a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, and the other panelists can answer.

Ideally, we'd like to be able to assign questions to ALL panelists, so they can see the questions and formulate their answers in advance. Is there a way to do this, or is one in the works?

Currently, our workaround is this: the "filter guy" can copy and paste the question into a private chat message to the panelist he wants to delegate the question to, so that panelist can be ready to answer when the Q&A time comes. Thanks for any help you can give!

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I had a situation yesterday when an invited panelist used a computer previously designated (and used) as the webinar organizer. They used the invite panelist email link - despite that action - they were logged in as an organizer. Another computer was used to start the webinar session, so 2 organizer were displayed.

When the webinar was broadcasted (started) by the first organizer (me) - the session did not actually start to the attendees.

What actions are permitted when 2 organizers are designated within the session?
LogMeIn Manager
Hi Gary, the GoToMeeting software on that computer must have had the Organizers account details saved in the Preferences, since it was being used to join a webinar on the Organizer's account they were logged in as them.

That being said, having multiple Organizers on the webinar should not prevent any of them from starting the broadcast. Everyone listed as Organizer (same account or not), has the same ability to start and end the webinar, record, assign questions to Panelists etc
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I really wish this could be an organizer choice - to allow a specific panelist (or all panelists) to view all questions. Promoting them to Organizer gives them the power to END the meeting.  I always warn them when it's necessary to do this. I point out Exit Webinar vs End Webinar.  It has still happened by accident. 

Latest time was this week, but - luckily - it was at the very end. We (staff) had planned to stay on for brief wrap up meeting after attendees signed off but speaker who had to leave killed the meeting.  I'll add it under "ideas", but just wanted to point out the danger of making someone an organizer.
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I too would support this request. It would be very useful and sensible.