Remote audio + chromacam insertion for GoToWebina

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Remote audio + chromacam insertion for GoToWebina

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Remote audio + chromacam insertion for GoToWebina

Remote audio + chromacam insertion for GoToWebinar

Currently it is possible to add only 5 videos to play during the event, this number is very low, there are events where we need to play 10 or more videos.
Our suggestion would be to include the remote audio so there would be no need to upload the videos and it could be transmitted through the presenter's screen with the presenter's PC audio so that the participants could hear

Another suggestion that we would like to make would be the inclusion of the Chromacam feature within GoToWebinar, as is already done in GotoMeeting
Requested by Evandro Lavorenti


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agree, a common request from the users, and they are already checking for solutions to bypass that very well, like ManyCam

On the other hand, running them from the LMI Server gives more trust they play well in case temporary connection issues come up at Organiser side, 
where it is less important that he cannot share his Webcam (to save bandwidth), but a disaster not able to share the Videos
I'd prefer enhancing the number of the 5 Videos to upload and play them from there