Fix GoToConnect Remote/Keyboard Mouse Control

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Fix GoToConnect Remote/Keyboard Mouse Control

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Fix GoToConnect Remote/Keyboard Mouse Control

I was forced over from GoToMeeting to GoToConnect last month.


I work with dozens of clients and routinely need to request keyboard/mouse control to perform data operations on their behalf in Tableau.


I loved GoToMeeting because it had the best remote keyboard/mouse control capabilities. Unfortunately, GoToConnect's remote control capabilities stink.


I've tested this feature with several clients on several different days over the last month. It's always the same outcome. It works okay for a few minutes then quickly deteriorates to massive delays (3-10 seconds lack of responsiveness) and then eventually fails to work at all.


I've tried every fix in the book. Updating the app, restarting computers, rescinding control and then giving it again. It always ends up the same.


I know there is a laborious option to switch back to GoToMeeting before it's discontinued but that's not a viable long-term solution.


I'm currently looking into MS Teams, Zoom and others as possible solutions. I'd like to keep using your products if possible but that doesn't look possible at this point.

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This does not qualify as a product Idea as it is not a new feature or enhancement to an existing feature. 


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So where should I post this feedback? This is where your support team told me to go. If the current feature is unusable, how is this not an enhancement to an existing feature? Like I said, I'd like to keep using you all as I have for 7+ years but you're making the increasingly difficult to do.

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Hi @ericparker, we already have your feedback on this in the GoTo App discussion board which is the appropriate place for this kind of feedback. Improving the in-session performance of the GoTo App is a high priority for the team and it is being consistently worked on.