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Embed Connection link in our Website

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Embed Connection link in our Website

Hi,  We are trying to embed the link to GoToAssist in our website and found the instructions below work as seen in the screenshot.  



My question...   Is there a way to link to a cleaner looking page?   We would like it without the background gradient and to be able to drop the "Be cautious... " section.  Thanks for any assistance.   It really doesn't look integrated with the site.  



Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi @TRUX1 ,

I'm afraid that is currently the only functionality we offer Remote Support customers to use on their own. 


The security warning is a must because of so many internet scams these days.  It is there to protect all LMI users, including clients and experts.


Where can I enter an enhancement request to modernize the look (remove the gradient)?  

Our usage is on a proprietary website where we would handle all the necessary eula and warnings required.  

GoTo Manager

Hi @TRUX1,


I have marked this post as an Idea for consideration by the team.