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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.5, b1280) Desktop Apps

GoTo Contributor


  • Updates to integration documentation
  • Improvements to native chat
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

What's New?

Updates to Integration Documentation

  • Company and team managers that log in to the Management Center and download the Data Replicator and/or Integration SDKs (i.e., AgentSide & WebServices) will now see that all integration documentation (PDF format) has now been updated and re-branded with LogMeIn, Inc. as the publisher, including the following: (GTA-8947)
    • Data Replicator Guide
    • Developers Guide Agent Side API
    • Developers Guide Customer Side API
    • Developers Guide End User Integration
    • Developers Guide Replay API
    • Developers Guide Web Services Monitors API
    • Developers Guide Web Services PhoneMode API
    • Developers Guide Web Services Sessions API
    • Integration White Paper


Improvements to Native Chat

  • Representatives and customers that exchange chat messages via the native representative chat box can now use the keyboard combination Shift + Enter to submit a line break when sending multi-line chat messages during a support session.  Previously, this keyboard combination would automatically send the chat message instead of submitting a line break.  (GTA-8865)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for improving the performance of generating Rep Performance reports by increasing the data allowance per report.  Previously, companies containing high representative counts would encounter the error message, "Too much data.  Please select less dates, teams or portals, and try again."  (GTA-8961)
  • A change was made to now sign with both sha-1 and sha-256 for Digital Fingerprints in Windows binary.  Previously, our code was only signed with sha-1, which is still present for backwards compatibility for those using older operating systems.  (GTA-9010)
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