GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.8, b1310) Release Notes

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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.8, b1310) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Search enhancements for session transfer/invite
  • Improvements to Queue Mode Portal Overview
  • Ability to display a "no representatives available" message
  • Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report


What's New?


Search Enhancements for Session Transfer/Invite

  • To expedite the session transfer and session collaboration processes, a new team setting can now be enabled to allow representatives to use the search field to look up internal representative(s) within all portals and sub-portals (folders) assigned to their account. When enabled, the representative can use the enhanced search to look up and select individual internal reps or all reps within a portal.  If this team setting is disabled, representatives can only search within a manually selected portal/sub-portal folder, or choose to expand the folders individually to make their selection.  (GTA-9350)
    • Note:  This team setting is disabled by default.



Improvements to Queue Mode Portal Overview

  • Managers that utilize the Queue Mode Portal Overview within their Dashboard can now use the "Portal" drop-down menu to select individual portal(s) they want to monitor, which allows managers to filter and display only the portals they want to oversee. By default, all portals are displayed (just as they were previously) unless otherwise manually selected.  (GTA-9206)




Ability to Display a "No Representative Available" Message

  • To improve the overall support request experience, a message will be displayed to customers indicating that there are no representatives available to accept new requests (i.e., if all representatives are actively assisting other customers, or there are no representatives logged in at that time).  Previously, customers could submit a request when no representatives were available, and would continue to wait until their request timed out.  (GTA-9329)


Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report

  • Managers that utilize the Snapshot Summary report to oversee activity for their portals, teams, and representatives will now see the "Average % (Percentage)" calculated in the "% (Percentage) in Answers Goal" column.  Previously, this data was not calculated in the Snapshot Summary report.  (GTA-9263)
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