GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.9, b1326) Release Notes

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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.9, b1326) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • Ability to choose location for saving local session recordings
  • Improvements to local session recording behavior
  • Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


What's New?


Ability to Choose Location for Saving Local Session Recordings

  • A new portal setting now allows representatives and/or customers to select the default file location where they would like to save their local session recordings when the support session ends.  The file path that is chosen will be remembered and selected as the new default location in subsequent support sessions, but can always be changed at the end of a session.  By default, all locally recorded sessions are automatically stored in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\G2AC Recordings.  (GTA-9340, -9562)


Improvements to Local Session Recording Behavior

  • For representatives and/or customers that have the ability to select their own save location for local session recordings, if the last chosen file path begins to run low on disk space during the active session, a warning is displayed in the Chat and in a dialog prompt on the local machine advising them to free up space in the chosen location to continue recording the session.  If the disk space is not freed up, the support session will end to ensure that a recording is created.  At end of the session, the user can select a different file path (that contains more disk space) for their next session, if desired.  (GTA-9507, 9342, -9343)
  • Additionally, if a reboot is initiated, the representative and/or customer will be prompted to save the recording before rebooting.  When the session resumes after reboot, a new recording file is created (for the customer), and they will be prompted to save at session end.  (GTA-9541, -9636)


Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report

  • Managers that utilize the Snapshot Summary report to oversee activity for their portals will now see the "% in Answer Goal" value calculated as (% in Answer Goal) X (Questions Submitted).  (GTA-9499)  


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

  • Error handling improvements were made for managing representative availability, and now disallows a representative to change their availability status if a connection issue is present.  Previously, representatives in an Unavailable state would still receive queries, resulting in "ignored" queries in reports.  (GTA-9476)
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