GoToAssist Remote Support (v4.3, b1575) Desktop Apps

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GoToAssist Remote Support (v4.3, b1575) Desktop Apps

LogMeIn Contributor


  • New agent login window
  • Backend changes to prepare support for Two-Factor Authentication (Coming soon!)
  • Fix for allowing restricted Mac user accounts to set up unattended access
  • Fix for preventing session crashes when saving notes


What's New?

New Agent Login Window

  • Agents that launch the latest version of the Expert desktop application will now see a new login window that provides various sign in options, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Single Sign-On.  Previously, these additional sign in options were only available when an agent logged in to their account via the Web App at  (GTAUP-2912)


New login windowNewLoginPrompt.png


Former login windowOldLoginPrompt.png


Backend Changes to Prepare Support for Two-Factor Authentication (Coming Soon!)

  • Backend implementations were made in preparation of support for Two Factor-Authentication, which will be available for all accounts in a future release.  Learn more.  (GTAUP-4807)


Bug Fixes

Fix for Allowing Restricted Mac User Accounts to Set Up Unattended Access

  • Changes were implemented to prevent an authentication loop when setting up unattended access on a restricted Mac user account (i.e., accounts enabled with Parental Controls).  Previously, when entering admin credentials during the installation process, these Mac users would immediately be prompted again to authenticate, even if they chose the "Always Allow" option during set up.  (GTAUP-4966) 

Fix for Preventing Session Crashes When Saving Notes

  • A fix was implemented to to prevent the agent desktop app from locking up and crashing when the agent saves session notes during an active support session.  (GTAUP-2056)